Element buys more long form airtime than any other agency in the UK and Ireland. Market dominance like this assures better media rates, access to more airtime opportunities, and better strategic planning, including long term deals on key channels.

Our direct response only focus ensures we get the lowest possible rates on short form availability. If fact, many of our long form clients begin short form campaigns soon after their show launches. 
Whether your goals are ROI or retail support, Element has you covered on more than 120 channels in the UK and Ireland.

Podcast/ Digital

Digital response and podcasts are now the cornerstones of many direct response marketer’s customer acquisition. Working across all networks, publishers, and independents, Element matches premium podcast audiences with the right marketers, to achieve scalable, profitable, ROI. Currently planning and managing campaigns with 400+ of the most downloaded podcasts in the US and UK.

From host read sponsorships to dynamic back catalog placements, we actively manage and negotiate unique and effective campaigns to reach our clients’ goals.

Additionally, Element develops and deploys paid traffic customer acquisition campaigns across Facebook, YouTube, DoubleClick Ad Manager, Taboola, OutBrain, as well as social influencer campaigns.

Localization & Consulting

Having built our business on helping US advertisers launch their UK businesses, we can help advise and execute local implementation of any US marketer’s business.

From advertising clearance, creative localization, competitive analysis, to fulfilment, distribution, and finance,